How Can an Individual Investor Buy Foreign Stocks?

Answer Owning the stock of foreign companies can provide investors with diversity away from the U.S. economy, and exposure to different markets and products. The profit potential in other markets may be s... Read More »

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Best Way for a Small Investor to Buy Stocks?

Small investors can establish financial independence through long-term planning. Your $100 monthly stock market investment would grow to $226,029 in 30 years if it earns a 10 percent annual return.... Read More »

Individual Stocks Vs. ETF?

An ETF is an exchange traded fund that invests in stocks or bonds based on a particular index or sector and trades like a stock on an exchange. ETFs are popular with investors because of their low ... Read More »

Are individual stocks eligible for Roth IRAs?

On One Hand: Individual Stocks PermittedAccording to Fairmark, many brokers allow people to control their Roth IRAs by picking individual stocks for their portfolio. Stocks are a legitimate investm... Read More »

How to Purchase Foreign Stocks?

It is very difficult and expensive to set up a stock brokerage account in another country to buy stocks. After you set up the account, you are limited to buying stocks on that one stock market, in ... Read More »