How Can You Tell What Year a Chevy Engine Is?

Answer Finding the date code on your Chevy engine is a matter of looking in the correct areas and being able to read the code itself. With little exception, Chevy engine codes are alphanumeric codes with ... Read More »

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How to Tell What the Year of a 454 Is on a Chevolet Engine?

In 1970, GM introduced the 454 V8 engine in high-performance cars like the Corvette, Camaro and Chevelle. Later, the company stopped placing the 454 in cars because of government regulations invol... Read More »

How to Tell What Year Engine Is in My Truck?

If you purchased your truck secondhand, or have ever had to replace your engine, there is a fair chance that your engine was manufactured in a different year than your truck. Knowing the year that ... Read More »

How can i tell what year a subaru engine was made?

Subaru engines, like all engines, contain markings which let the consumer know every single detail about the engine. From the car model and year, all the way back to when and where the engine was m... Read More »

How Can I Tell What Year My Chevy Truck Is?

When purchasing a used or a classic car, in many cases the manual or other paperwork that originally came with the car may be lost. The year when the truck was manufactured is usually mentioned in ... Read More »