How Can You Change Your Name in "Ninja Saga"?

Answer "Ninja Saga" is a web-based, multi-player game available on a few popular social networking sites and recommended for children 13 and older. Users can create customizable ninja characters that they... Read More »

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How to Get Tokens for Free in "Ninja Saga"?

Tokens on "Ninja Saga" are the currency in the game that you can use to purchase items to equip on your ninja. You need token to upgrade your ninja, to improve your ninja's gear and to acquire othe... Read More »

How to Block Ninja Saga and Happy Aquarium in Facebook/Tagged?

Here are two ways to get rid of those annoying notification!

How to Change the Battery in a 2006 Ninja 636?

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How to Change the Oil on a 2005 EX250 Ninja?

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