How Can You Access Your Xubuntu Server From the Internet?

Answer Xubuntu is a version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and like Ubuntu, it features a Remote Desktop application that lets you remotely connect and control the computer from anywhere on the Int... Read More »

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What is the Internet service called that allows you to access from your lap top from any where?

cell phone companies sell an adapter that allows you to access the internet anywhere oyu get cell service. speeds are better than dial up, but not quite broadband. the adapters go into the expans... Read More »

Can you access the Internet on your iPad 2 from any location?

If you have a 3G contract for your iPad then you will generally be able to access the internet from any location (providing you are in range) If you only have a WiFi compatible iPad (i.e. you don'... Read More »

How to Access a Local Server From a Remote Computer?

The Windows operating system contains built-in software that allows you to connect to other computers through a local network or over the Internet. This software is called the Remote Desktop Connec... Read More »

Where can you go to access wireless internet if your internet at home goes out?