How Can We Unhide the Folders & Subfolders in DOS?

Answer Viewing a directory listing in Windows Explorer or with the DOS "dir" command won't give you a complete picture of the files and folders on a drive. By default, many critical files are hidden from ... Read More »

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How to Unhide Folders in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, there is a convenient feature available for hiding files and folders on your hard drive. You may want to hide folders that contain sensitive information, or you may want to hide impor... Read More »

How to Make Subfolders View Thumbnails?

Computer subfolders are organize documents and other file types. Typically, subfolders list files in the form of miniature pictures, often referred to as thumbnails. Sometimes, however, subfolders... Read More »

My Windows Mobile Outlook Subfolders Will Not Sync?

The Windows Mobile smartphone offers a wireless way to sync your email messages within Microsoft Office Outlook. Even if you have many subfolders, there is a fairly easy way to coordinate the two d... Read More »

How to List All the Files in a Folder & Its Subfolders to a Text File?

If you need a list of subfolders and files contained in a directory on your computer, you could waste a lot of time typing the names of each file or folder into a text file. Instead, use MS-DOS to ... Read More »