How Can We Achieve Energy Independence?

Answer A federal tax identification (ID) number is issued by the IRS or the Social Security Administration and is used in the administration of tax law (Reference 1). For most U.S. citizens, a Social Secu... Read More »

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How to Achieve Energy Independence?

This subject will be more of an index and overview to information about how to become personally energy independent. There are many means of generating fuel and power of your own, or using alternat... Read More »

How to Achieve Financial Independence?

The goal of financial independence is to be able to cover living expenses without the need of a full-time job. This goal may be achievable if you can exercise fiscal discipline while taking certain... Read More »

Why Sarsaparilla give me more energy than Energy drinks them selves?

maybe sars contain lots of sugar thats why ur body react like that..thats normal,hunn... =)

How much energy do you save annually with energy star products?

The Energy Star program website reports that in 2009 Energy Star products saved energy equivalent to the emissions from 30 million cars. In monetary terms Energy Star products saved Americans aroun... Read More »