How Can Rubrics Help Streamline Your Grading Process at Community Colleges?

Answer Grading rubrics are excellent tools for community colleges with large classes in core curriculum subjects like English composition. Rubrics are well-suited to manage the task of fairly grading larg... Read More »

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How to Make Rubrics for Grading?

Rubrics ensure consistency and focus in grading. They can be used by the teacher or by other students for peer review. The easiest rubrics to create are paper-based, but you can create spreadsheets... Read More »

Admissions Process at Community Colleges?

According to the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), 12.4 million students enrolled in such colleges in 2008 and it's estimated that this number increased 15 percent in 2010. Communi... Read More »

The Grading System in U.S Colleges?

The U.S. educational system does not use the traditional percentage point system followed in many other countries. A letter-grade system and a grade point average (GPA) are used in America for det... Read More »

Role of Community Colleges in Community Service?

Community colleges are scattered throughout the bedroom communities and small towns of the nation, giving more people easy access to higher education. In fact, there are so many community college s... Read More »