How Can Individualization Actually Be Practiced in the Classroom?

Answer Individualized instruction means endeavoring to meet the needs of individual students while teaching required curriculum and meeting educational standards. To do this, the teacher must be prepared ... Read More »

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Is acupuncture practiced in Canada?

There are institutes and foundations that teach and practice acupuncture in Canada. These acupuncturists are chiropractors, nurses and physicians.Source:Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute

Have you practiced Oil Pulling as a cleanse?

I've been hoping someone would ask this question! I've done a lot of research on oil pulling and have been doing it for about four months now with good results. When I first started doing it, I had... Read More »

Are adoptees who do not approve of the way American adoption is practiced...?

I hope that's changing. I can remember when the urge to search was considered pathological.But yes, when I say "I don't like adoption as it stands" the average person seems to hear, "I hate sunshi... Read More »

When was forensic science first practiced?

Modern forensic science first found its way into general practice in 1903. The case of an inmate named Will West convinced detectives that fingerprint identification is a reliable method of investi... Read More »