How Can I make my own Time machine?

Answer Look at it this way: I don't think anyone can really create a machine that can make them go back in time, BUT, hey could make a vehicle that could.Here's a simple way to explain; what makes you see... Read More »

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Can we make time machine?

There's already a movie or two about time machines. There's nothing imposssible when we make one specially in the near future

Did nasa ever try to make a time machine?

No. Time machines most definitely do not work. See the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Grandfather Paradox.

How to Make a Pretend Time Machine?

Have you ever wanted a time machine? The ability to go into the future without all the boring day to day activities that get in the way of real scientific progress? Well, here is how you do it.

How to Make a Time Machine on Club Penguin?

Want to have some fun on Club Penguin?