How Can I connect to the Internet without using a ISP and WiFi?

Answer Well, you can't.If you are trying to connect from home without an ISP or WiFi, you're out of luck, the internet doesn't work like that.You can go to McDonald's or somewhere with a free internet con... Read More »

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Is it possible too connect a laptop with wifi too a desktop without wifi too get internet on the desktop?

" DO NOT bother with either Ethernet cards or Cables" (cables are "trip n fall" hazards anyway) " DO " this GET yourself a "wireless network adapter" this will plug into a USB Port ( universal... Read More »

How do you connect iPhone to internet without wifi?

How do you connect iPhone internet without wifi?

If a neighbor in my apartments said I can connect to his internet using my WIFI can he see my desktop and info?

No he can't, most people don't even know someone is latching onto their internet. If that was possible, no one would use the wifi access in airports or starbucks and places like that.