How Can I change my parent's Fafsa info. ?

Answer Go to and at the bottom of the page where it says "Step 3, FAFSA Follow-Up" click on "Make Corrections to a Processed FAFSA."That will let you make any changes that you need.

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When applying for FAFSA do you have to provide BOTH parents info even if you only have contact with one?

Shelby:If your parents are married, you'll need to provide the information for both of them, even if you don't speak with and/or live with one of them.If your parents are divorced or separated, the... Read More »

On the fafsa, I entered my mom's tax info and it skipped mine. Why won't it let me input my info?

Yea, I dont know why FASFA does that...if you enter your parent's info it won't let you enter yours, but honestly, that's good because you are a dependent of her, so, therefore it only takes her in... Read More »

Will FAFSA ask for my bank account info if I am a dependent student?

They ask how much money you have, but they aren't going to ask for your bank account number.

How to Set a Pin for Parents on FAFSA?

FAFSA is another name for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. College students that wish to obtain financial aid in order to pay for college tuition, books and fees are required to fill o... Read More »