How Can I Troubleshoot My Miller 251 MIG Welder?

Answer When your Millermatic 251 isn't working properly, it can be a bit frustrating, especially when you can't figure out what is wrong. By taking the time to observe how the MIG welder is behaving, you ... Read More »

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Does Miller&Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma have monuments?

Miller and Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma does not offer monuments or headstones. They do, however, offer a host of different caskets on site as well as other funeral planning preparatio... Read More »

How to Use a MIG Welder?

MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas welding) was developed during World War II as a fast, portable process to create strong, durable joints. Today it is used in many shop and factory applications as well ... Read More »

How to Use a Tig Welder as an Arc Welder?

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welders use a torch in concert with a nonconsumable tungsten electrode; they are a specialized kind of arc welder, using an electric power supply to create an electric arc ... Read More »

Who invented the arc welder?

Humphry Davy invented the first rudimentary arc welder with his discovery of the electric arc in 1800. N.G. Slavianoff and C. L. Coffin invented the metal electrodes used in arc welding by the end ... Read More »