How Can I Treat Nose Bleeds?

Answer A lot of people will tell you to lean your head back, this is the WRONG thing to do according to the medical experts. What you need to do is calm down, try sitting if you can (sitting is optional)... Read More »

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How to Treat Nose Bleeds in Children?

Ever found that time when your child's nose is bleeding? Need help? Than you found the right place!

Why do you get nose bleeds?

The veins in your nose are very thin and sensitive, and when irritated in some way will cause a nose bleed. Some people have a lot of nose bleeds.However if the blood is POURING OUT OF YOUR FACEGo ... Read More »

Heavy nose bleeds?

Perhaps you need citrus bioflavonoids (to strengthen blood vessels) or vitamin K (to help clotting) as in…

How can i stop nose bleeds?

apply pressure and tilt your head down, not up cause you will choke on your blood. It works for me