How Can I Treat My Rope Burn?

Answer I know you asked this a week ago so its probably on its way to recovery now! But anyway, with any burn keep it clean and dry to avoid infection. However its really important that you moisturise it ... Read More »

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How do you reduce the pain from rope burn?

Get yourself an aloe vera plant and squish the gel out of the plant leaves...put it on your hands. It feels great, it's beneficial to your skin and really helps soothe the pain!

How do you treat a burn with a first aid kit?

With any first aid situation, assess the scene make sure it is safe. Then start the primary survey as follows... ABC's: Airway Breathing Circulation Firstly, run the burn under cool water for ... Read More »

How should I treat a burn?

Thats a first degree burn or superficial which ever you prefer to call it. Put a bandaid over it and DO NOT put any ointments or creams on it. Keep it dry and covered with a clean bandage

How to Treat a Lip Burn?

A burnt lip can can be caused by hot liquids, foods or even a waxing incident, leaving behind a painful and unsightly reminder for about a week. There are several steps that can be taken to allevia... Read More »