How Can I Tell if My Parakeet is Happy?

Answer Keeping a pet parakeet requires more than simply providing the bird with food and shelter, it entails keeping the small bird happy. In the wild, the parakeet lives in a large flock where it interac... Read More »

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How do I tell if a parakeet is male or female?

AgeWait until the parakeet is at least 1 year old before attempting to determine its gender. It is almost impossible to visually sex parakeets before they are this age.CereExamine the parakeet's ce... Read More »

When can you tell if a parakeet is male or female?

The raised area at the top of a parakeet's beak, known as the cere, will be a different color depending on its sex. In males, the cere is blue; in females, it may be beige, pink, white or brown. Ma... Read More »

How do i tell if my blue&white parakeet is a male or a female?

Cere ColorPerch the parakeet on a gloved hand. Place treats in the palm of the opposite hand and hold near the parakeet to eat. Look at the parakeet's beak while it is eating. Locate the two holes ... Read More »

How to Introduce a New Parakeet to Another Parakeet?

The parakeet, known as a "budgie" in several parts of the world, is originally from Australia and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The bird is known for its loud voice and has the ability to... Read More »