How Can I Tell When My Hamster Is Done Having Babies?

Answer Like mice, hamsters can breed very quickly in the home and it often requires little effort or planning on the owner's part. If you are a new hamster owner, you may be surprised to find baby hamster... Read More »

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How to Tell When a Goat Is Having Her Babies?

Goats, along with sheep, were some of the earliest animals to be domesticated. Today, they are still raised for their meat and milk, which is often made into cheese. Some species such as the Angora... Read More »

When did humans figure out the connection between having sex & having babies?

I don't know - in fact I think some people still haven't figured it out.

When can dwarf hamster babies leave their mother?

Baby dwarf hamsters are usually weaned and ready to leave their mother by four weeks of age, according to The Ultimate Guide to Dwarf Hamsters. You should separate the babies by gender into separat... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Fish Is Having Babies?

Is your fish pregnant? Is it going to give birth? To tell, read this!