How Can I Tell If My Truck Heater Core Is Bad?

Answer Heating systems are very simple compared to AC systems; after all, getting air hot is easy when you have a big thermal conversion engine not six inches away. Heater cores are the last link in your ... Read More »

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Where is the heater core in a gmc truck?

The heater core on a GMC truck is located on the firewall, which is the metal barrier between the engine and the passenger compartment. Two black hoses run from the radiator at the front of the en... Read More »

How do I Change a Heater Core on a '68 GMC Truck?

The heater core on a 1968 GMC truck is a small radiator underneath the dashboard. This radiates heat to the climate-control system, which can then blow out through the vent system of the dashboard.... Read More »

How to Replace the 1990 GMC Truck Heater Core?

The heater core on your 1990 GMC truck is a device similar to a radiator that is used to heat up the air before blowing it out into the cabin of your truck. Contained in the dashboard of your truck... Read More »

How to Change a Heater Core in a 94 Chevy Truck?

The heater core on your 1994 Chevrolet truck heats up the air before it is pumped out into the vehicle's interior. A faulty heater core will prevent warm air from being circulated and may even leak... Read More »