How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Hip Dysplasia?

Answer The dog's hip joint is like ours; it consists of a ball and socket. If the socket is too shallow, the ball doesn't fit snugly and moves during motion. This is known as hip dysplasia, unfortunately ... Read More »

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How to Tell If a Dog Has Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a common ailment seen in larger dogs, but can affect any dog no matter what age or size. Dysplasia occurs when the socket and ball in the hip area don't fit together properly. Hip ... Read More »

What is nerve dysplasia?

Nerve dysplasia, also called septo-optic dysplasia, refers to an eye condition in which the septum pellucidum, the part of the brain that facilitates visual messages, doesn't properly develop. The ... Read More »

What is elbow dysplasia?

Elbow dysplasia, a collection of conditions (syndrome) that adversely affect the elbow joints of dogs, might cause limping and may eventually cripple the affected dog. Treatment is available but ou... Read More »

Dog Elbow Dysplasia?

According to the website Pet Place, elbow dysplasia is defined as the "abnormal development of certain parts of the elbow joint during the growing phase of a dog's life." Symptoms of the condition ... Read More »