How Can I Tell If I Have 28 or 32 Spline in My Ford 9 Rear?

Answer The popular Ford 9-inch rear end comes in several different versions depending on its application. Most are open-differential types where power is delivered to only one wheel. There are two differe... Read More »

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Is a straight-sided spline the same as an involute spline?

According to Perry Gear, a straight-sided spline and an involute spline are not identical. An involute spline has equally spaced teeth, much like a straight-sided spline, but the teeth have a short... Read More »

Where is the spline located?

Splines are found in technical drawings, computer graphics, construction and mathematics. A spline is a curved line formed between two vertices. It is generated by mathematical algorithms. Common e... Read More »

How to Use a Wood Spline?

The spline joint is a common woodworking procedure to join two pieces of wood together. A spline is a thin piece of wood inserted into a receiver dado cut into another piece of wood. Spline joints ... Read More »

What is a spline shaft?

In mechanical engineering, a spline shaft is a projection from a shaft (a long, slender object) that fits into another shaft, holding the two shafts together. Spline shafts are often found in the g... Read More »