How Can I Tell If I Have 28 or 32 Spline in My Ford 9 Rear?

Answer The popular Ford 9-inch rear end comes in several different versions depending on its application. Most are open-differential types where power is delivered to only one wheel. There are two differe... Read More »

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Is a straight-sided spline the same as an involute spline?

According to Perry Gear, a straight-sided spline and an involute spline are not identical. An involute spline has equally spaced teeth, much like a straight-sided spline, but the teeth have a short... Read More »

How to Tell the Size of My Ford Rear End?

If you have a Ford, you can identify the size of the rear end in a matter of minutes. You do not have to take the rear end apart or drive your Ford into the shop to have the mechanics tell you the ... Read More »

How to Tell If You Have Bad Rear Disc Brakes?

The rear disc brakes found on many vehicles only complete 20 percent of the vehicle's braking. The front disc brakes do most of the braking. This means your rear disc brakes will last up to 70,000 ... Read More »

Does a 1999 Ford Windstar have self-adjusting rear brakes?

The 1999 Ford Windstar came equipped with drum brakes on the rear wheels. Drum brakes are self-adjusting; however, they need manual adjustment whenever the brake shoes or drums are replaced.Referen... Read More »