How Can I Tell How Much Video RAM I Have on My Toshiba Laptop?

Answer When you purchase a Toshiba laptop, it comes with a video card built into it. This video card, whether it is dedicated or integrated into the motherboard, comes with a certain amount of RAM in it, ... Read More »

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How can I tell how much memory I have on my laptop?

Imagine that you are perusing the software aisle at your local electronics store, and you come across something you simply must purchase for your laptop. But as you are scanning the box, you notice... Read More »

How to Identify The Video Driver in a Toshiba M65 Laptop?

Toshiba M65 is a group of several similar laptops including the M65-S809, M65-S821 and M65-S901, which are part of Toshiba's Satellite laptop brand. Toshiba designed Satellite laptops to be versati... Read More »

How to Replace a Video Card in a Toshiba Laptop?

If your Toshiba laptop isn't living up to your graphical expectations, you can replace the video card to improve the display resolution and game processing power as well as increase the overall fra... Read More »

Have a Toshiba 57 inch projection tv can' t get the ANT input or the RCA video input ports to work properly All you get is a scrambled image The s-video and component video works great Any ideas?

First thing I'd do is have the TV do a channel search, making sure I had the antenna plugged into the correct antenna input on the back of the set. Just sounds like it's lost its programming, maybe... Read More »