How Can I Stop My Head Lights From Blinking?

Answer While driving your car, you may notice your headlights blinking without your assistance. The lights may also blink when you first crank your car. An improperly installed headlight or loose headligh... Read More »

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How to Stop LED Lights From Blinking Too Fast?

If you find LEDs that blink to fast to suit your taste, you can slow them down with some simple circuit modifications. The actual procedure you will need to follow depends on the circuit design th... Read More »

How to Fix XBox 360 Red Blinking Lights?

An Xbox 360 that is displaying three LED blinking lights has become overheated and will refuse to work. To fix the Xbox 360, add metal and nylon screws to insulate the heat sink from the computer ... Read More »

AT&T internet connection problems(red blinking lights)?

That happens more with one of those little modems, if you have one of those little modems from at&t, I strongly recommend that to call them and ask for one of those 2Wire modems, otherwise you will... Read More »

How many green lights should be blinking on my wireless modem?

It really all depends on the type of modem. Modems like the Motorola Surfboard the Wireless LED is typically orange, but on a DSL modem (like mine) I have the power light blinking and the DSL light... Read More »