How Can I Stop My Hair From Breaking After I Take My Braids Out?

Answer Having braids done to your hair will keep it neat looking and out of your face. Short hair can be lengthened with braids, and the braids can form patterns, shapes and designs in both the hair and t... Read More »

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How can i stop my hair from breaking after i take my braids out?

Africans' longstanding tradition of braids continues to be reinvented by African-Americans today. Men and women braid their hair for aesthetic and practical reasons. Hair can be braided in a variet... Read More »

How can I stop my hair from breaking?

Make sure you're using sulfate free shampoos and silicone free conditioners to stop the dryness and frizz. I have african american hair too and I've been using pro naturals moroccan argan oil shamp... Read More »

How Do I Stop My Hair From Breaking?

Hair breakage is a sign that your hair is either not receiving enough vitamins, usually due to poor eating habits, or a sign that you are stressing your hair from coloring, relaxing or heat styling... Read More »

How to Stop Hair Breaking From Roots?

Everyone dreads random hairs scattered about around the sink and floor. Excessive hair breakage can be devastating to an individual's self-esteem. Breakage can be caused by a number of factors, in... Read More »