How Can I Stop Cutting?

Answer Cutting yourself is a serious and dangerous condition that should be taken seriously, and not ignored. Do you find yourself abusing your body when you're feeling bad? you probably are and remember ... Read More »

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How to Stop Cutting?

Cutting is a dangerous form of self-injury that involves making cuts on the body, often on the arms. People who cut themselves often do so as a means of handling emotional or psychological pain. If... Read More »

How do i stop cutting?

Well, first off, let me say that I am dearly sorry for what's been happening to you and think it is very brave that you had the courage to ask for help. When I was one myself, it took a lot of damn... Read More »

Cutting stop?

I finally stopped cutting once I got on anti-depressants. I always feared though someone would catch me, so I always used a brand new razor blade, and then once my episode was over lathered myself... Read More »

How to Stop Cutting (for Girls)?

If you've been cutting yourself, first, keep in mind: you are NOT alone! Cutting is a serious and fairly unknown epidemic among teenage girls. Sometimes the stress of life gets to be too much, and ... Read More »