How Can I See Which Process Is Using Bandwidth in Ubuntu?

Answer Ubuntu's built-in system monitor application displays a variety of statistics about running processes, including their CPU and memory usage, but not their network usage. System monitor only display... Read More »

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Does using instant messenger affect the bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted across a channel in a set amount of time. Any transmission of information over the Internet, including instant-messenger services, affects an... Read More »

How to Figure out How Much Bandwidth Your iPhone Is Using?

When the iPhone first came out, customers were forced to buy an unlimited data plan. But now, with the iPhone 4, AT&T is letting customers to pick from tiered data plans based on data usage. Before... Read More »

How do I limit the bandwidth/number of open sessions of someone using my wifi?

what was the point of blacking out the pic?1) you can zoom in and still see through it. (learn how to work the opacity of brushes -.-)2) it only shows the computer names and local IP addresses. Whi... Read More »

How do I convert MP4 to MP3 using Ubuntu?

VLC Media PlayerDownload and install the open-source media player for Ubuntu, VLC Media Player. (See Resources.) Go to the "File" drop-down menu, and choose "Open File" to load the MP4 file. Click ... Read More »