How Can I Reuse Large Plastic Soda 2-Liter Bottles?

Answer Two-liter soda bottles are the most common plastic bottles that hold soda. They have become standardized across the industry, and they all look virtually the same. The plastic bottles are resistant... Read More »

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Is it Bad to Reuse Plastic Drinking Bottles?

Create durable and hardy lawn ornaments to decorate your outdoor spaces with Quikrete fast setting concrete mix. Look for concrete molds in home improvement stores, craft stores or on the Internet.... Read More »

Is it safe to reuse plastic drink bottles?

The consensus on re-using water bottles is that they are safe for re-use as long as they are cleaned properly. Water bottles marked #7, however, may contain BPA, which has been shown as a chemical ... Read More »

Is it safe to reuse Mount Franklin 600 ml plastic water bottles?

According to the Mount Franklin website, you should not reuse their water bottles. The Mount Franklin FAQ page warns about bacterial contamination with reused water bottles.The bottles that Mount F... Read More »

What kind of plastic are 2-liter bottles made of?

Two-liter plastic soda bottles are incredibly popular in supermarkets. Many people, however, take the bottle itself for granted, never thinking about what material that is used to make it.PET plast... Read More »