How Can I Remove Smells From the House With an Air Freshener?

Answer Pets, food, moisture, and mildew are among the many things that can cause a home to develop a bad odor. The fastest, easiest way to remove an odor from your house is to use a commercial air freshen... Read More »

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How to Get Air Freshener Smells Out of the Car?

Though air fresheners are intended to help your vehicle or home smell nice, it is possible to go completely overboard and use too much. If this happens, the smell can seem overpowering and that can... Read More »

How to Keep Strong Cooking Smells from Entering the Whole House?

Some cooking odors have a habit of lingering and reaching all corners of the house, even to the point of causing the cook to shy away from certain foods and dishes. Examples of food and dishes that... Read More »

How to Remove Urine Smells from a Pet?

Here you will learn just how easy it is to clean your pets "potty" smell off of him!

How do I remove smells from foam?

SunlightRemove any covering material from the foam. Wash and dry the covering material. Set the foam item outside in the sun for 24 hours. Turn the item over, and leave it outside for an additional... Read More »