How Can I Remove Sap From an Automobile?

Answer Sap, if not removed from your vehicle in a timely manner, can damage the paint and overall appearance of your vehicle. According to One Stop Auto Detail, tree sap can cause permanent damage to a ve... Read More »

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How to Remove Paint From an Automobile?

There are several reasons for removing paint from an automobile. Some cars have old paint that must be completely removed before a fresh paint job can be started. Old paint is often difficult to re... Read More »

How to Remove a Decal From an Automobile?

Vinyl and paper decals have been used to adorn bumpers and body parts of vehicles ever since the first yellow smiley face became America's way to support the happiness in us all. Today's automotive... Read More »

How to Remove Ink from Automobile Upholstery?

Your vehicle is more than a form of transportation; it's like a living room on wheels for many families. Therefore, it's expected you'll have common spills and mishaps on your car seats from time t... Read More »

How to Remove Very Old Gasoline From an Automobile Gas Tank?

Removing very old gasoline from an automobile gas tank must be done before running the engine. Old gasoline may not detonate properly if it has degraded inside the gas tank. Moisture and rust have ... Read More »