How Can I Put Movies From the Internet Onto My iPod?

Answer The iPod is a portable digital media device used for personal entertainment. Various models and generations of iPods exist, most of which are able to play movies. The iPod shuffle cannot play video... Read More »

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How do you rip movies onto your computer how do you put movies onto your ipod?

As far as I know, there isn't a LEGAL way to do that as yet but if you do want movies on your iPod then you could either just buy them in the iTunes store or, if you have any dvds in the digital co... Read More »

Ive contacted my internet provider and apple but cannot connect back to my internet with my ipod?

After multiple attempts at trying to connect the router and the ipod get confused. Do this, in this order, and when I say wait a minute or two minutes I mean a full minute or two. I don't mean 10 s... Read More »

Ipod touch internet internet won't work?

That happened to me i just needed to connect it to itunes and update my ipod it should work on your ipod.

How do I watch movies on the Internet?

Choose a ServiceGo online to a free movie-hosting website, such as, or a pay site, such as The main differences between these sites is that free sites have a much more limited... Read More »