How Can I Protect My Computer From a Virus?

Answer Computers are very useful, especially for common tasks such as word processing, Web browsing and networking. However, it is important to be aware of the programs that can harm your computer. Malici... Read More »

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How do I protect a computer from virus?

Install antivirus software on your computer. Insert the antivirus program disc in the CD or DVD drive and click on the install option when your computer recognizes the CD. After the program install... Read More »

How can i protect my computer from virus and spysoftware?

you must purchase an internet security software package, such as norton, mcafee you can go to these sites and purchase online or go to walmart or circuit city,etc....hope this helps

How do i protect my computer from virus threats through the internet?

Norton's anit virus 2007, best spyware, adware, virus protection you can get. It cost money though but blows those free programs away.

How can i protect my computer from viruses with out using antu-virus?

Why don't you want to use an Antivirus?Well anyhow...You can stay relatively safe behind a good firewall (Comodo's Firewall Pro is the best) and real-time antispy protection (recommend Comodo's BO... Read More »