How Can I Print Two-Sided Copies to Make a Book?

Answer You can use word processing software to create everything from a one-page letter or resume to a full-size book. If you do want to use the software to print in book format, make a few adjustments in... Read More »

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How to Make Two Sided Copies?

With the average office worker making about 10,000 copies per year, American landfills are being consumed with paper products. About one-third of any landfill will contain paper products. Making tw... Read More »

What book has sold more copies than any other book in the history of the world?

The Holy Bible, in all of its translations, has been the most-sold book in the history of the world. Estimates of the numbers of copies that have been sold or distributed range from 2.5 billion to ... Read More »

How to Print Double Sided?

Most home printers require an attachment called a "duplexer" for double-sided printing. However, it's easy to manually print double-sided pages on any printer, just by reinserting the sheets in the... Read More »

How to Print a Double-Sided PDF?

Portable Document Format files are found on several platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. The files let you embed graphics, charts, text and pictures. You can even include hyperlinks, so you... Read More »