How Can I Preserve a Banana?

Answer You could put it in the freezer. The peel will turn black, so you might want to throw away the peel and put it in a plastic bag. Frozen bananas are also a really good snack.

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How to Preserve Fresh Banana Peppers?

You can preserve the bounty of your fresh from the garden banana peppers by canning the peppers in glass canning jars. Canning jars and supplies can be found at discount, grocery and online canning... Read More »

Banana BREAD to Banana MUFFINS: How Do I Convert Cooking Time?

A little google search and it looks like you should be testing them at 15 minutes and probably done in 18-20 minutes.

Why does the skin on a banana change as the banana ripens?

Ethylene causes the ripening process, which also causes the color change.

Can i make a banana custard pie using a banana custard powder that i mix with milk?

If you bake the crust first, then fill it with packaged custard, no you don't need to put it back in the oven. Slather it in whipped cream and chocolate curls and refrigerate.