How Can I Play High Notes on the Trumpet?

Answer Playing lead trumpet is a goal for many trumpet players. The famous lead jazz trumpet players such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, for example, demonstrate an obvious intuition into musical imp... Read More »

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How to Play High Notes on the Trumpet?

So you want to learn how to hit the high notes? All it takes is practice, support, a good embouchure and air.

How do I play high notes on the trumpet?

In its simplest terms, playing the trumpet is transferring air from your lungs through the horn and out. The purest, fullest sound is achieved when the air meets the least resistance. Posture, brea... Read More »

How to Play High Notes on a Piccolo?

Unlike the flute, piccolo differs in many things including size, lip positioning, and sometimes fingering. Hitting the high notes is also harder on this smaller version on the flute.

How to Play High Notes on Flute?

The flute is categorized as a woodwind instrument. Sound is produced by blowing over the mouthpiece. When producing sound on the flute, you have to put your lips together in the shape of a small "o... Read More »