How Can I Plant A Tree ?

Answer hey Hans im not sure how to plant a tree either but your answers are just would be pretty cool if you planted a Palm Tree in LondonLOL

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Can You Plant a New Tree Where an Old Tree Was Located?

Replacing an old tree can be a challenge. The stump and roots in the ground make planting a new tree difficult, but there are available options. Does this Spark an idea?

When does a plant become a tree?

A plant becomes a tree when it has a woody main stem that does not need to regrow every year. Trees are perennial plants that have a trunk of at least 3 inches in diameter. Trees reach a minimum he... Read More »

What's the best tree to plant?

How to Plant a Tree?

Hole, including "pedestal", soil, and root balls. Stake as shown, if necessary.Planting a tree isn't as simple as just digging a hole and throwing the tree in it. If you want the tree you're planti... Read More »