How Can I Mount Solar Panels on a Sailboat?

Answer Matching solar electricity generation with a wind-powered boat seems like a natural combination, and it is. It is a reasonable investment since marine solar panels have an expected life of ten year... Read More »

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How to Mount Solar Panels on a Sailboat?

Sailing has long been a popular pastime as well as a mode of transportation. Sailboats range from huge, multi-crewed giants to small, one-man daysailers. These days, many people live full-time on t... Read More »

How to Mount Solar Panels?

Switching to solar electricity lets you save money and invest in a reliable energy source, which isn't harmful to the environment. Solar panels are arrays of solar cells that collect the energy fro... Read More »

Are solar panels AC or DC?

Solar panels produce energy in the form of direct current. Most household power is alternating current. To make solar power useful for residential electricity, an inverter is needed to convert DC t... Read More »

How to Buy Solar Panels?

Small solar panel Solar PanelToday, more and more people are looking to find ways to reduce their electricity expenses.  One way to accomplish this is to limit the use of any electrical appliances... Read More »