How Can I Make a Toy for My Science Project?

Answer Making a toy science project will show you and those around you that science is everywhere, even in toys. You can make a toy for a science project, such as the Sparkle Glitter Globe toy, that will ... Read More »

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How to Make a Balance Project for Science?

When two weights balance, neither can drag the other to the ground. When a tightrope walker balances on a rope, she does not fall to the right or left. The physical forces affecting the weights or ... Read More »

How to Make a Whirlpool Science Project?

Liquid that spins in a circular motion forms a whirlpool. A vortex is a whirlpool with a downward draft. Whirlpools occur most frequently when water is forced through a narrow opening and then flow... Read More »

Science Project: How to Make a Battery?

Creating electricity from a lemon is a classic science project that demonstrates the concepts of polarity, open and closed circuits and electrolytes. Lemon batteries convert chemical energy into vo... Read More »

How to Make a Bathtub for a Science Project?

There are many science projects that require a model of a bathtub, such as demonstrating the cyclone effect of water swirling down a bathtub drain or proving that water does not always swirl clockw... Read More »