How Can I Make a Music Box from My Older PC?

Answer ok i am suggesting XBMC but i don't think it has radio --- i was thinking Pandora for this idk may have to google yourself some more but how old is it like ok don't answer that b/c its hard to tell... Read More »

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Is gospel music older than country music?

Yes. Gospel music was first notably established in 1899, while country was first notably established in the 1920s. Many historians actually credit gospel music as a major influence on country music... Read More »

I have an older tv (1990) . i have a Starchoice satalite system , will my older tv be affected Feb 17 ?

If you receive all your TV from satellite, no, as they have done the conversion for you.However, if you receive some US stations by antenna as well, you will need a converter for them.

I wan't to make music, and edit music; What to use (Description for detailed)?

Ableton is a Professional Program. I would recommend it because once you learn how to use it the opportunities are endless, it includes tutorials, you can download thousands more tutorials and you ... Read More »

How to Look Older without Much Make Up?

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