How Can I Make My Laptop Sound Better?

Answer Laptop speakers are rather small and tiny and don't produce acceptable levels of sound for a video or film that you are watching on them, or music you are playing on them.There are a variety of way... Read More »

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How to Make Speakers on a Laptop Sound Better?

Although laptop computers come with built in speakers, these typically do not sound as great as stand-alone computer speakers. This is due to the compact size the speakers must be in order to fit i... Read More »

How do I make the sound come out of the Blu-Ray system when playing a movie on the laptop?

Those home theater in a box are not flexible for adding anything to them or for up grading. They are mainly designed for you to watch a movie with surround sound on the built in player. At most you... Read More »

Is it normal for the rectangular part of the laptop adaptor to make a buzzing sound?

IF you didn't hear it before and it was down then it was normal but if it was down and was buzzing then there is no big deal it's maybe because it's transforming the electricity so fast or slow or... Read More »

Is the Creative X Fi Sound Blaster Laptop Sound Card worth it?

Just for the fact that your movies and music will sound 1000% better, it's worth it. I've had my X-Fi for about 6 months now and I'm glad I got it. It looks like it comes with a compatible wirele... Read More »