How Can I Kill Flies in a Jar With Water?

Answer Flies are attracted to areas of your home in their search for food, shelter from precipitation and safety from predators. These pests are annoying to have around, and they also carry diseases. A ho... Read More »

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How to Kill Flies?

The most common varieties of flies are fruit flies and house flies. These flies are the classic pests to humans. During warm months they invade homes and wreak havoc. Flies are symbols of disease a... Read More »

How to Kill Fruit Flies?

The dog days of summer often bring with it unwanted fruit fly infestations in our kitchens. If you keep a fresh fruit bowl handy on the kitchen table in hopes that your kids will snack from it, but... Read More »

How to Kill Greenhead Flies?

Ask some of their victims how to kill a Greenhead and you are liable to get an answer akin to swat it with a swatter, then a sledgehammer, then pull their wings and head off and drive a tiny stake ... Read More »

How to Kill House Flies?

House flies are annoying, unsanitary and ubiquitous during warm weather. Even if you keep your home clean and your household garbage tightly lidded (flies love to feast on garbage), once warm weath... Read More »