How Can I Import My iPod Music to My iTunes on My Computer?

Answer If you need to import your iPod music to iTunes, music-copying programs are available that provide synchronization from the media player to your iTunes library. These programs allow a limited numbe... Read More »

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How do you import someones iTunes music to your ipod?

The music available through iTunes is, as detailed in the legal agreement you make when you open an iTunes account, for personal use only. Unless the other person has permission from the copyright ... Read More »

How do you import music from a Ipod onto a different computers Itunes?

Don't listen to the first two posts. Follow one of the methods below. Note: Will not transfer playlists, you will have to re-create them. Transferring iTunes Music Method #1: Download Senuti or ... Read More »

How to import music to ipod from a different computer?

software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, l

How do you put iPod music on to your iTunes library from the same computer?

AnswerYou press the menu button and the middle button (play/pause button) together till There is an apple icon shows up then you start all over where you left off.( P.S the iPod will not start all ... Read More »