How Can I Help My Kitten With a Weeping Eye?

Answer A kitten can suffer from a number of eye conditions that cause the eye to "weep," or produce a watery discharge -- a condition known as conjunctivitis. If something has gotten into the eye, it can ... Read More »

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Weeping cherry blossom tree is no longer weeping, flowers are white instead of pink..?

prune back the upright white flowering branches all the way to their base. graft incompatibility

When do you use weeping tile?

What is a weeping pussy?

A weeping pussy is a type of pussy willow. Most pussy willow is a shrub that grows UP from the ground. A weeping pussy grows up then down, so it 'weeps' ... and it's an interesting bush, but not ... Read More »

What Is the Importance of the Weeping Willow?

A weeping willow is a popular shade tree often found near ponds and streams in picturesque landscapes. As a deciduous tree, it loses its leaves in the fall and regrows them in the spring--unlike ev... Read More »