How Can I Help My Child With Reading?

Answer Reading is used everyday for jobs, shopping, driving, and more. It is a vital tool for success in life. If your child is having trouble reading, there are great ways to help her. Learning to read s... Read More »

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How to Help Your Child With Reading?

Many parents these days want to help their child as much as possible with their education, and for many that means reading. Get it wrong, and you can create a life-long resistance to picking up a b... Read More »

How to Get Your Child to Love Reading?

Does your child hate reading? Do you want him or her to like reading? This article will show you how to raise your child to love reading!

How to Improve Child Reading Fluency?

Even once a child has learned how to sound out individual words, it may be difficult to string those words together to make coherent sentences. If your child or student is sounding out words well, ... Read More »

Problems With a Child's Reading Fluency?

Children begin developing the foundations of literacy from as early as a few months old when oral and visual communication skills are learned. Young children begin exhibiting signs of emergent lite... Read More »