How Can I Get to Know My College Roommate?

Answer Moving away to college and living with a new roommate might seem intimidating, but you can easily get to know your roommate by simply being open and friendly. Depending on the personality your room... Read More »

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How to Break the Ice With a College Roommate?

As you go off to college, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is sharing a room with a stranger. Connecticut College reports that around 95 percent of new college students have never shared a... Read More »

College Roommate Conflicts?

Going to college means making a great deal of changes for many students. For some, living in a dormitory means learning how to share space with another student who is often a total stranger. While ... Read More »

College Roommate Issues?

Living with a roommate is a big adjustment many students must make when starting college. Roommates are sometimes paired by information entered on housing forms, but a match is not always guarantee... Read More »

College roommate isues?

Life isn't fair. You will have to just deal with it. Trying to get revenge is useless, and a waste of time as you move into the end of this school year and getting ready for finals. You have better... Read More »