How Can I Get a Private DNA Test?

Answer You can have a kit mailed to your door containing everything you need for a DNA test and mail that kit back for testing without ever needing to leave your home. Private DNA testing let's you determ... Read More »

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Tips on Passing the Private Investigator Test?

Those wanting to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and other esteemed private investigators may need a license to practice. According to Expert Pages, 42 states and the District of Columbi... Read More »

Where can i find a good private student loan What are your experiences with private loans?

There are no such thing as "good" private loans. There are many reasons why a school doesn't have the privilege to get federal loans and not a single on of them is in your favor trust me. I alway... Read More »

If you collect private disability and then SSDI gives you back benefits do you owe money to your private insurance company?

I would think not unless you had a SS offset rider on the policy. Check with your agent!

What do you call the situation when a Warrant Officer refers a private to the CO because the private has disobeyed an order for instance?

When a soldier disobeys a direct order (one given by an officer) he is most likely written up or put on report. He will be required to report to the officer of the unit commander where he will answ... Read More »