How Can I Get a Military Salute for a Funeral?

Answer If you have a loved one who served in the U.S. military, he may be eligible for a military salute at his funeral. All veterans whose family can prove their service through Form DD 214, the report o... Read More »

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What salute is considered the highest honor at a military funeral?

Why do we salute in the military?

Saluting is a very old tradition in the military. We salute because it is mandatory. Hand salutes are rendered both as a form of greeting and as a sign of respect for superior officers and the U.S.... Read More »

How did the military react to military funeral protests?

They are typically told by high up officials to ignore it and to not interact with them. It outrages the majority of people, including those in the military, though. Many times, family/ friends/ an... Read More »

Why do military personnel salute one another?

Military personnel salute each other to show respect. It is also a formal military courtesy. Usually enlisted men/women salute officers first. The officers will then either return the salute or put... Read More »