How Can I Get a Grant to Get My Teeth Fixed?

Answer Dental grants are rarely offered directly to an individual; they are usually awarded to state and local community health care organizations, hospitals and research groups. The grants enable these h... Read More »

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Can really bad teeth be fixed?

I promise - dentists have changed for the better. If it's at all possible, they will strive to save the tooth, rather than extract. They now extract only in the very worst cases. I realise it's a ... Read More »

I think I've stained my teeth with braces (fixed)?

Well they're stuck on, so you're just going to have to go with it. Your orthodontist will take care of things. 40 minutes a day (are we talking teeth brushing!) is waaay too much. TWO minutes, flos... Read More »

How do celebrities get their teeth fixed without braces?

some get veneers, which is when fake teeth are like caps and are placed and glued ontop of your own, some get invisalign/braces like invisible braces or behind the teeth braces so you cant see them... Read More »

How might big front teeth with a large gap be fixed without it taking many years?

Answer ask your dentists if he could place some bonding on them to fill the gap, and if he could file them slightly to shorten them. That would only take one visit.