How Can I Get a Graduate Degree Paid for by Working?

Answer Graduate school presents a wonderful opportunity to get training for a stimulating and exciting career, but the price tag of many graduate schools may seem to pose a huge obstacle to your future su... Read More »

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What Kind of Teacher Requires a College Degree Plus a Graduate Degree?

To be a teacher in a preschool, elementary school or secondary school, you need a bachelor's degree, as well as a CTC (certified teaching credential) issued by your state. For a post-secondary scho... Read More »

Is a master's degree a graduate degree?

A master's degree is a type of graduate degree. A graduate degree is an advanced educational degree earned in graduate school for a particular area of study. Typically, the first degree earned in g... Read More »

What does a graduate research assistant get paid?

According to Indeed, graduate research assistant salaries vary by location but average $22,000 for the entire country (as of February 2010). For example, they earn $27,000 in New York City and $20,... Read More »

How to Get My Graduate Degree?

If you have your bachelor's degree, but want to continue your education to help your career, getting a graduate degree is the right path for you. Graduate schools are a great way to expand your kno... Read More »