How Can I Get a Computer Job Without a Degree?

Answer Careers in computers, or "information technology," require knowledge of complex systems, calculations and programming. Positions in computer engineering, computer science and systems analysis typic... Read More »

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What can I do with a computer studies degree?

A computer studies degree can open the door to many opportunities, such as computer repair, programming, support, systems analysis and network security are only a few of the possible career choices... Read More »

How to Get a Computer Networking Degree?

Network architects and engineers design computer networks. The work involves setting up, testing and troubleshooting local and wide area networks. In addition, computer network professionals work o... Read More »

What is a computer science degree?

A computer science degree covers the interaction between humans and computers from a scientific perspective. Students who complete this degree also learn about computer systems.SignificanceAccordin... Read More »

What can I do with a degree in computer systems?

Computer systems majors will find a growing job market, especially if they have good computer, math and information skills. An undergraduate, or bachelor's, degree is usually sufficient to enter th... Read More »