How Can I Get Wi-Fi That I Can Use Anywhere on My iPod Touch?

Answer Several companies offer "MiFi" or "Peel" devices that provide portable Wi-Fi service for your iPod Touch. A MiFi device is a small portable Wi-Fi modem a little larger than a credit card. Peel devi... Read More »

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How to get internet ANYWHERE on the iPod touch?

Not possible. The iPod touch doesn't have 3G or Edge which means it isn't connected to satellites. You have to have a wireless hotspot in order to get internet. You can learn more about the iPod's ... Read More »

How to get wifi anywhere on ipod touch?

You can't. An ipod does not have the physical hardware to get cellular data. It only has wifi and wifi only works when connected to a router. If you want an ipod that gets internet everywhere, you ... Read More »

Does the iPod touch 4th generation have Wi Fi anywhere?

For an iPod touch or an iPad both have to connect to Internet to go online. only the iPhone has Internet whenever wherever

Can you use the YouTube and safari feature anywhere on the ipod touch?

AnswerIn order to use Safari and YouTube you need to be connected to the internet... hence you would need to be where there is a wireless internet connection, therefore you wouldn't be able to use ... Read More »