How Can I Get Water Out of My Transmission?

Answer Our vehicle transmissions get us where we have to go, in most cases smoothly and efficiently. We rarely think about the complexity of the transmission components, like the bands, clutches, valves a... Read More »

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How to Get Water Out of Transmission Fluid?

When water gets into the transmission fluid, you have a very small window to get it out before the water will cause permanent damage to your transmission. In fact, if you have started the car's eng... Read More »

How to Remove Water From a Transmission?

Water inside of an automatic transmission is highly destructive. If left unaddressed, the friction plates in the transmission will separate and the transmission will no longer shift into any gears.... Read More »

If automatic transmission need to add water and where?

You don't add water to a transmission. I'd recommend you go to a mechanic before you cause serious, expensive damage to your vehicle.

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