How Can I Get Rid Of My Massive Headache?

Answer Take some tylenol or advil go lay down in your bed. Make sure the room is quiet and cool. This usually helps with a bad headache. Don't read or be on the computer for a few hours. Normally if the p... Read More »

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Where does my headache go after I take Ibuprophen. About 40 minutes ago, I had a massive headache. I'm just ?

haha i think about that stuff too all the time where does it go for real lol

How do you get rid of a massive headache?

Sorry Carol! I hope you're better by now. Next time it happens, eat some chocolate then coat your stomach with milk and take some Tylenol. Please don't take excedrin at your age because it contains... Read More »

Massive headache, from 5 hours straight?

I'm having the same problem :( Since Saturday, I'm having this huge headache. The tablets don't work :( Just try to rest enough, drink tea/chicken soup.. and don't stress about too many things.. ma... Read More »

I have a massive headache and neck pain, is there any medicine you recommend for it?

Aleve, it sounds like you might have swelling from stress and Aleve is for helping with swelling and pain. Hope you feel better. Just make sure you are not allergic to naproxin:)